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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people through the shared interest of all things Audio and Music. For everyone to meet new people, interact and grow.


Timothy Fehling

Founder & Site Owner

Timothy was born and raised in Kohler, Wisconsin. He’s lived in LA and New York, and most recently lives in Wisconsin. He’s been audio engineering for over 15 years. He’s also a musician who loves to produce and release new material for fun. If you’re curious to hear, he has a symphony called Symphony Critias (2022), an original musical about cereal mascots called Cereal Time (2021), orchestral compositions like Swee Tooth (2015), and his grunge metal entity Blinded in Chains.

Special Thanks

Thomas "Teejay" Joel

Web and Business Consultation

Aerond Sigue

Coding Assistance

Kristof Volkaerts

Coding Assistance

Ezra Smith Design

Coding Assistance

Maddy Nesemann

Software Tester

Justin Berezowitz

Software Tester

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