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Audio Peeps is free for everyone to join and use. If you enjoy using the site as a visitor or member, and would like to Buy Me A Coffee, thanks!


I created Audio Peeps because one day I had a vision that it would be really cool to easily find audio & music people based on their specialities, such as audio specialities, DAW specialities, and genre specialities. 


I constructed the lightning fast search filters on the home page. So let’s say you love making Electronic music, you’d like to collaborate with someone in the United States, you use Logic Pro, and you’d like help with sound design. Using Audio Peeps, you can easily find your ideal people within milliseconds.


I encourage you to reach out and connect! Establish new 1-on-1 relationships.


And I continue to strive to brainstorm, create and offer cool features for Audio Peeps site members, such as our Inspiration Database, Referral Incentives, and Forum.


 - Tim

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