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Immersed Productions

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We help you create pro-quality, mixed, mastered songs.

Audio specialities

Arrangement, Beats, Mastering, Mixing, Mixing Vocals, Sampling, Sequencing, Songwriting and Composition, Sound design

Genre specialities

Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop and Rap, Pop, Rock

DAW specialities

Ableton Live, Logic Pro


Ari & Geet help producers, artists and songwriters transform their music successfully. They specialize in helping upcoming producers achieve maximum production and mixing quality with a minimum time investment.

They will show you how to get your music to its full potential by focusing on simple, easy to follow methods

without spending hours watching tutorials or wasting your time on unnecessary methods that deliver no results.

For this you do not need to produce music eight hours a day. By focusing on results-oriented techniques, you will quickly see massive progress that conveniently fits into your busy schedule.

Your goal is easily achieved if you implement a proven system that eliminates doubt and consistently improves your music.

Ari and Geet are alumni from Berklee College of Music in Boston with degrees in Music Production & Engineering and Electronic Production and Design. As a producer-engineer duo, their tracks have received over 25 million streams and 700,000 + views on YouTube.

Before launching Immersed Records Productions, Ari was an assistant engineer at Atlantic Records in Los Angeles. He has assisted in engineering albums of artists like Kehlani, NLE Choppa and NBA Youngboy. He was also a part of the audio editing team in the movie 'Fast & Furious 9'.

Geet has been successful in establishing himself as an independent artist with his work featured on platforms such as T-Series (world’s largest YouTube channel) and Gaana (India’s largest streaming platform).

He has also won international competitions such as the UK Songwriting Competition & the USA Songwriting Competition.


United States



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