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Site members: Refer a friend to Audio Peeps and when they join and publish their Peep page, we’ll send you exclusive deals and coupons from our partnerships with Heavyocity, ML Sound Lab, Samples From Mars, and Virharmonic.

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Award-winning cinematic innovators and legends when it comes to cinematic percussion. For nearly 20 years, the masterminds at Heavyocity have been designing cutting edge, inspiring instruments and sounds that supercharge creativity. Their sample libraries are used by countless professionals worldwide. Refer a friend to Audio Peeps and enjoy an exclusive Heavyocity coupon.


ML Sound Lab

Amped Amp Sims, MIKKO Cab Sims and Premium IR Cab Packs. "ML Sound Lab's are the finest cabinet impulses I have ever heard. They capture the true voice of the cabinet and sound amazing on anything. If bacon had a sonic equivalent, it would surely be ML Sound Labs IR's." Refer a friend to Audio Peeps and receive an Amp full license for free.

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Samples From Mars

The team at Samples From Mars focuses on capturing the beauty of vintage (and often rare) machines through high end hardware, consoles, tape machines and more, in order to create the highest quality, most useable and inspiring instruments possible. Refer a friend to Audio Peeps and enjoy an exclusive Samples From Mars coupon.

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Virharmonic’s Solo Violin and Solo Cello are the most remarkable, lush, beautiful, realistic and full-sounding solo strings on the market. They recorded an unprecedented amount of samples for each solo instrument, and they designed an innovative, first-of-its-kind virtual performer technology to enable incredibly realistic performances. Refer a friend to Audio Peeps and enjoy an exclusive Virharmonic coupon.

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